Graham graduated in agriculture from Bangor University and joined Farmers Weekly as a reporter and feature writer. He has written on food and farming for over 40 years and is passionate about what he calls “Real Food Farming”.

Graham has written for publications including The Sunday Times, Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday, New Scientist, and Country Life. For three years he wrote the Old Muck spreader column in Private Eye.

For TV he has written episodes of The Bill and of the space series Jupiter Moon. As founder of Pasture Promise TV he has produced a number of documentary films on environmental issues. He has also written several stage plays, mostly on rural themes.

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As Agricultural Story Editor of the popular Radio 4 drama, The Archers, for 20 years, Graham Harvey helped shape the way listeners understood the countryside and the way it works.

Commenting on Graham’s departure from Ambridge, Archers’ editor Jeremy Howe said:  “The way Ambridge looks, feels and farms today is Graham’s extraordinary legacy. What makes The Archers so special is the way it tracks and mirrors life in rural England. Graham’s finger has always been on the pulse of what makes rural Britain tick.”

Among Graham’s many memorable Archers storylines were Tom Archer’s famous trashing of Brian Aldridge’s experimental GM crop, and his subsequent prosecution on a criminal damage charge. More recently, Graham had farmer Brian Aldridge spectacularly pollute the River Am, highlighting the dangers to land and water from the illegal dumping of chemical waste.

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